January 21, 2014

Earlier today, I saw a tweet on Twitter that really got me riled up (which I don't normally do on Twitter):

As a frequent user of LogMeIn's products, I was quite confused and started up a conversation with Jay on the issue.  Turns out, LMI is no longer offering their free products.  Very unfortunate.  As Jay said "Accountants must be running the business. Marketing is not just dollars and cents."   Now, I understand that sometimes business models change and all, but there are 2 main issues I have with this:

  1. According to a tweet from LMI help, "An email was sent."  Of all the people I talked to that were using LMI Free, none of them have yet to receive an email regarding the change.
  2. In the same tweet, they directed me to this URL http://t.co/MdDEmZ7WjG where I had an even bigger issue:  They seem to be very vague about the "end of the road" so-to-speak, which leads me to believe they are trying to get you to log into your dashboard just to start the 7 day count down.

I'm very disappointed to hear about this change.  Infact, the first thing I did when I got home was to remove the LMI agent from my machines.  I will not be continuing with them.  I just hope that join.me (which is a great service) isn't next.